South Asian Sisters Proudly Present "Yoni ki Baat" 10th Anniversary Edition

Yoni Ki Baat returns March 22nd and 23rd to the iconic Women's Building in San Francisco. Our 10th anniversary edition features audience favorites from the last 10 years for our most poignant, titillating, disturbing, and hilariously raw show to date. The performances brings to life original stories written by women from the South Asian diaspora. It is a place to share our most intimate experiences, which might otherwise go untold. As a special treat, we are also bringing back the women's only show (open to those who self-identify as female).

Please note that the Saturday and Sunday evening shows are open to all, but the Sunday matinee is a women's only show (open to those who self-identify as female).

Get ready to experience monologues with these classic lines and more!
"This is how it feels, when your tongue enters me, scarlet sacred blasphemy..."
"Looking for a bride for our well-established son, residing in the US...only contact IF prospective bride is VERY FAIR..."
"My vagina likes to be hurt. The other night in a San Francisco dungeon, in a blissful haze brought on by too many orgasms, I looked up at the woman with her fist halfway in my cunt and said dreamily, 'Mmm, that feels so nice...!'"
"Hello ladies! I am The Moonch. Many of you take me for a 'mooch.' But I am no mooch ladies! I am The Moonch, with an Nnnn...'"

A portion of the proceeds will be donated to local organizations that promote empowerment for women and girls.

We look forward to rejoicing, reconnecting, and remembering epic pieces that span a decade with you all!

San Francisco Women's Building: Transportation and Parking:

The Women's Building is located on 18th street between Valencia and Guerrero in San Francisco. Please check out the Map for details

  • Closest BART: 16th Street Station
  • MUNI Bus lines serving this area: 14, 22, 26, 33, 49 and the J Church.

Street parking might be available - both metered and non-metered. But please plan for 20 minutes of extra travel time for this option.

Caution: Between the hours of 4pm & 6pm on weekdays, there is a tow-away zone on Eighteenth Street (opposite the Building).

Parking is also available at two city garages, each 3 blocks away. (For rates, contact the SF Department of Parking & Traffic.)

  • Mission/Bartlett Garage: 3255 21st Street (between Valencia and Mission). Call: 415-821-6715
  • 16th St/Hoff Garage: 16th & Hoff (just above 16th St Bart). Call: 415-861-4048

  • Yoni Ki Baat - History

    Yoni ki Baat has always been about gifts. It began as a gift, it was shared as a gift, and it continues through gifts.

    The first gift came from Sapna Shahani, who shared the idea for the show one afternoon at a South Asian Sisters meeting in Berkeley in 2003. The Kimaaya Theatre Company in Bangalore, India, had just organized the first-ever performance of The Vagina Monologues there, and Sapna mused, "Why don't we just create a totally South Asian version of the show?" From that instant on, we couldn't shake the idea. A bunch of Desi women standing on stage talking frankly about our bodies, our desires, and our sexual experiences? Genius! But how could we make it a reality?

    Our next gift came from Eve Ensler, creator of The Vagina Monologues, the inspiration for our show. Getting permission to Desify her idea could have been tricky, but once we were able to get in touch with Eve personally, she not only gave us her permission, but sat down with us and provided us with feedback on our script (and, even more amazingly, asked for our comments on pieces she was working on for The Good Body). She continues to support our work and we are extremely grateful.

    Some of the most important gifts we have received have come from our brilliant writers and performers. At first, we were hesitant - would South Asian women really feel comfortable sharing their stories about sexuality, and standing on a stage talking about them? We are thrilled that the answer was a resounding "YES!"

    Over the years, we have received over one hundred submissions for our scripts. We have had over 50 beautiful and talented women perform with us. If they had not shared their gifts with us, Yoni ki Baat would not have been possible.

    There have been other gifts. The universities, bars, and cafes that have donated performance and rehearsal spaces. The printing presses that have printed our fliers free of charge. The support we have received from other Desi organizations, including Narika, Maitri, and Trikone. The fact that, even in the conservative South Asian community, the word-of-mouth surrounding our show has been almost uniformly positive (Hey, it wouldn't be worth it if we couldn't create just a little bit of controversy, right?).

    We were thrilled when other organizations and university groups began contacting us to find out how they could put on their own versions of YKB. Sharing our scripts became our way of passing along the gifts we have received. Through these collective efforts, we have raised over $8,500 for organizations around the country that aid survivors of domestic violence.

    Each gift we have received has been a blessing, and each blessing has made us stronger. It is our hope that through this strength the YKB movement will continue to grow and to give, and to help more women stand up, speak out, and claim what is rightfully theirs - a life free from violence and full of pleasure.

    -South Asian Sisters

    Interested in bringing Yoni ki Baat to your community? Contact Us!

Previous Shows

  • YKB 6, 2009 - UC Berkeley, Berkeley and The Fellowship of Humanity Hall, Oakland
  • Best of YKB, March 2008 - El Rio, SF and The Rickshaw Stop, SF
  • YKB 2006 - Amnesia, SF
  • YKB 2005 - Canvas Gallery, SF
  • YKB 2004 - UC Berkeley & Stanford University
  • YKB 2003 - UC Berkeley

YKB Bulletin

Yoni Tour

Yoni ki Baat has been performed across the United States and has brought in over $11,500 for Domestic Violence Prevention organizations in the following places outside the Bay Area:

  • AAINA Theater Festival, Seattle, Washington
  • Rutgers University ,New Brunswick, New Jersey
  • South Asian Network, Los Angeles, California
  • The University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, Michigan
  • The University of California, Santa Barbara, California
  • Rasaka Theatre Company, Chicago, Illinois
  • The University of Wisconsin, Madison, Wisconsin
  • Saheli to Saheli, Washington, D.C.